As a drone owner I provide service or filming interesting objects with a drone (quadrocopter) with an bird-eye

and would like to share this ability with you!

Did you have a wish to make shooting of your celebration from the sky or it is necessary to research interesting object from the higher point? It's easy!

If it is necessary, I can provide basic, non-professional editing: cutting, gluing, overlaying music.

Being a guide in Kryvyi Rih, I provide excursions and I need to fill the YouTube channel with content. I shoot the sights of the city, excursions with a drone in my free time from my main job.

Then I do a light editing (I cut out interesting moments and glue them together), overlay the sound on the video and post it on social networks.

I don't do video editing professionally, it's my hobby. Video for my YouTube channel I shoot with a drone and process it myself.

The drone is not very difficult to control, but there is always a risk of dropping it, drowning it, hitting it, breaking the blades, etc. and in order to avoid such situations, I take myself all the risks of operating.

Drone is DJI Mini 2. It can shoot in 4K, but I usually limit myself to Full HD - 1920x1080 - the picture is decent, and the video takes several times less.

Drone does not record sound. This feature cannot be enabled. This is done by the manufacturer in order to avoid eavesdropping.

The drone can fly with a wind strength of 5 out of 12 points. When the wind is strong, the copter shakes and it visually flies obliquely, but the stabilizer smooths everything out. The final video does not show that there was wind.

But it is better, of course, to fly without wind in bright, sunny weather.

In wet weather (rain, snow, hail) drone does not fly. It is not protected from moisture. If it gets inside, it will be the last flight of the drone.

Drone can fly indoors - special protective nozzles are put on the blades. With the protection drone can touch the walls and nothing will happen to it.

If you are interested in shooting with a new perspective from a bird's eye view - be sure to write me! I'm always interested in participating in something new.

If the proposal is socially useful and interesting, we will definitely agree on mutually beneficial terms.

I DON'T spy through windows, filming private sector courtyards, transporting bags or anything similarly illegal.

But to bring flowers to the lady on the 5th floor is quite a good idea.

I am primarily interested in artistic filming of people, panoramic views, sights that are useful and make people happier.

What I shot earlier: school graduation, metal base, industrial facilities.

Exclusive right to fly with a drone at light rail stations (Kryvyi Rih metro).

!!! Drone control is carried out ONLY by operator personally, he doesn't let customer try to control it !!!

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