Duolingo English Speaking club
at Kryvyi Rih city, Ukraine
with certified Educator/Ambassador
Volodymyr Murashkin (#ukrmvs)
Volunteering project
for locals and refugees
Join English speaking club here
(Viber link to the community)

If you are interested in deep communication with locals,
I invite you to visit
Duolingo English Speaking club at Kryvyi Rih city, Ukraine

The first problem we have in my city is the lack of English speaking locals. A lot of people have some basic knowledge but they afraid to speak. I try to decide this problem doing a free English speaking club on a permanent basis.
Warm, friendly atmosphere of the club makes miracles and helps to overcome this barrier.
Regular talking facilitates help either to cheer up and to show the right direction for the lost on the street alien and feel relaxable during the foreign trip.

Are you visitor from the other country and you don't have friends in the city and nobody understand you?
The speaking club is the place you are looking for! The best practice is the communication with the native speaker. So you are going to be in the center of attention))

Duolingo is one of the largest applications in the world that helps to learn other languages. I happy to represent it in my city.

The quiet, cosy room is the best place to meet new friends and discuss questions with smart, high educated people.

Date and time can be changed due to life circumstances. Please check it by the links below.
Documents and licenses
Straight contacts and useful links:
Other activities you can try
History of meetings of the club
The 121st meeting
22nd of July 2023
The 120th meeting
25th of March 2023
The 119th meeting
18th of March 2023
The 118th meeting
11th of March 2023
The 117th meeting
done in a bomb shelter because of hard air rocket alert with Japanese guest Naoya Kodama
04th of March 2023
The 116th meeting
25th of February 2023
The 115th meeting
18th of February 2023
The 110th meeting
14th of June 2022
The 100th meeting
17th of October 2021
The 90th meeting
17th of October 2021
The 80th meeting
07th of August 2021
The 70th meeting
29th of May 2021
The 61st meeting
06th of March 2021
The 50th meeting
22nd of February 2020
The 41st meeting
22nd of November 2019
The 39th meeting
07th of November 2019
The 38th meeting
30th of November 2019
The 37th meeting
23rd of November 2019
The 36th meeting
16th of November 2019
The 35th meeting
09th of November 2019
The 34th meeting
02nd of November 2019
The 29th meeting
28th of September 2019
The 27th meeting
14th of September 2019
The 26th meeting
07th of September 2019
The 25th meeting
31st of August 2019
The 24th meeting
24th of August 2019
The 23rd meeting
17th of August 2019
The 11th meeting
30th of March 2019
The third meeting
30th of March 2019
The first meeting
16th of March 2019
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