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My name is Volodymyr Murashkin from Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.

The city is situated about 100 km near the war line now.

If you need urgent contact with me, it is here:


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During my life I provide different kinds of volunteering projects, the most well known is English speaking club.

During 3 years of being more than 100 meetings were done.

Of course, mostly of these activities were started after the beginning of the Ukrainian war against russians.

My first mission was to evacuate people on my own minivan to the border and brought back humanitarian help to Kryvyi Rih.

During three month I did 25 000 km of driving, evacuated more than 100 people and brought up to 10 tons of cargo with total costs of hundred thousands EUR.

One moment it was impossible to buy insuline or L-Thyroxine in Kryvyi Rih and people begged me to bring them. So I could make a hook in 10-50 km to get only 10 pills in a pharmacy of some far village.

I felt on myself all the negative sides of the war situation - empty fuel stations, extra fuel tankf always in luggage box, overloaded roads, spent nights in the car and regugees centers.

Fuel and repair of the car was covered by such donates from my international friends.

Without international help my volunteering activity would be 99,99% less effective.

Then logistic chains were restored and people started to use buses, trains. Humanitarian cargos started to be moved by huge trucks. My first volunteering mission was logically done.

Second activity

I was hired as a volunteer to bring cars from the ukrainian border to Kryvyi Rih for needs of the war. It were Ambulance car with the right wheel from Great Britain and 2 SUVs.

Third activity

I was involved to be a coordinator of the most humanity and mentally exhausted program I ever took part.

German charity fund evacuated people with hard disabilities to Germany and Kryvyi Rih was choosen as a part time hub.

I had to meet people, settle them, feed them, provide nurses and doctors daily help, organized nurses care in a buses to Germany and full equiped Ambulance with doctors and paramedics escort. Of course I had to be in a 24/7 contact with German fund and coordinate everything with them. It's such a great to know foreign languages as all tasks must be done immediately and every second was important.

Finally more than 160 people, including people in the wheelchairs, laying positions, were sent to rehab centers of Germany just from Kryvyi Rih, totally in all buses that came through my city it were about 400 people.

Fourth activity

Delivery volunteering

As Kryvyi Rih has 75 000 of refugees who escaped out of the war now it is necessary to keep their needs on the proper level.

Some people settle refugees and provide housing, some locals provide food and clothes, some gives technique such TV, microwave ovens.

As Kryvyi Rih is a long city it is necessary to bring it from one address to the other. This is my part of logistic chain.

Plus sometimes people send parcels with humanitarian stuff by regular mail.

I get it on the post office and relocate to refugee centers.

Fifth activity (not relevant yet)

Deficite of fuel is a huge problem of a war.

Fuel stations are empty and if rare fuel truck comes to the city it can be lines of cars up to 5 km. In 2-3 hours the fuel is over.

Locals have chance to fuel cars. But I have a lot of people who live in a territories every day bombed with rockets, near the front line. I have a collection of photos of different kind of rockets in my private messages.

Shops, fuel stations, hospitals don't work more than three months already.

I ask these people: "do you have fuel at least to escape in case of necessity to save your lifes?". Most answer is "no, fuel was over one month ago".

So I spend long hours in the lines to fuel stations, buy it, fill extra fuel tanks and send gasoline and diesel to such people.

Plus I take and orders to get some food or for example salt to salty the meat in case of no electricity. Salt is also deficite now and it is necessary to search, search, search for it...

Sixth activity

Caritas volunteering


is one of the largest charity organizations in the world.

Proud to be part of worldwide volunteering movement

Seventh activity


War forces to drive often and a lot of cargos and passengers.

War doesn't know the words: "holidays", "days off", "vacations".

Is it necessary to drive 1000 km with the start 04:00AM 1st of January to deliver engine to the only survive after heavy shelling car because all other were destroyed? Let's start at 3:00AM!

That's what I do and of course this description is not final.

On the moment you are reading this text I can be involved in some new challenge.

All the photo reports are here

If you were inspired with my volunteering you are invited to help me make the world better

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