Industrial tours, excursions, private tours,
urban exploration, abandoned places
at Kryvyi Rih city, Ukraine
with certified tour guide
Volodymyr Murashkin (#ukrmvs)
Private entrepreneur (FOP) 3rd group
Tax number 3242818234

First of all, I'd like to share why I started to do tours/excursions in Kryvyi Rih city, Ukraine.

0. I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian languages

1. I really want to open my unique city Kryvyi Rih to the world.

2. During my trips worldwide I faced with a lot of problems, so I know what are the tourist needs and how to satisfy the guest.

Kryvyi Rih is not the usual European city with the central square and old buildings, which are used and boring for the regular tourist.

Kryvyi Rih is a heart and soul of miners and workers. You are going to see working quarries and factories, towers of the mines, collapsed zones, abandoned places and urban exploration of the industrial city with your own eyes.

We have a lot of places to show and to see here. Mostly these are industrial objects like mines and quarries. But also we have plenty of bewitching natural sightseeings.

Most of them are situated in a very hidden places, but I will show you a lot of secrets))

Among of them are working quarries, museum of airplanes, blacksmith, art gallery and many others.

More selfmade videos and photos of Kryvyi Rih sightseeings

(drone views included)

you can see on my




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